HI ITS RODNEY AKA ZILLA AND I AM BACK TO TELL U WAT I LEARNED TODAY. I LEARNED HOW TO UNDERSTAND ACCOUNTINg. Accounting is how you keep track anf tell people about money stuff for a business. It Helps us keep track of what we make and what we have to spend. We learned about balance sheets, those are like a picture of your money-finances I mean, at one time. It showes how much you own-(Assets) and how much you owe-(liabilities) and investments in your company that you have to make money for -(equity.) Then we looked at cash-flow statements, this statement shows where you used your cash for your business operations, like making your goods, or paying bills--it helps you start to learn what you will have to do with your money,you need to make good habits to have your business so its a good statement to make. Income statements, sometimes call a Profit and Loss Statement- show you what you took in and what you had to pay for a certain amount of time. Your investers will want to see whether you made or lost money and this statement is one way to show them.

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