Growing Green Youth Lead Healthy Kids Healthy Communities Visioning Session

Hi Everyone. Growing Green youth Jordan and Adriana led an community health visioning event yesterday at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. It was part of the Healthy Kids Healthy Communities initiative to plan healthier communities. During the event we split up in groups of teen and adults to talk about what we thought healthier Buffalo would look like.The teen groups took pictures about the healthy things in our community and the unhealthy things in our community. We also talked about specific things to change or add to our communities to make a better place for our selves and for our little brothers and sisters. We talked about nutrition and how the healthy food and the unhealthy food that people can get to affects our health. We got to talk all about MAP and Growing Green too--you know we like to brag! lol. Well here's a picture from the event. Good job Adriana and Jordan!

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