Doing the Dirty Work

By Aye Pi

Hi everyone, my name is Aye Pi.  This is my second year working at MAP, so this summer I am a Farm and Garden Specialist. I like working at the farm more than doing anything else. The reason I like working at the farm is because it gives me opportunities to learn new things about the farm, and I like working outside and getting myself dirty.

First of all, I learn new things when I work at the farm.  One thing I learned about is transferring the plants. For example, last week, I transferred some swiss chard into the garden. Before I transferred it, the swiss chard was in a small bucket. The reason I had to transfer them was because the roots needed more space to grow. Also, when the swiss chard gets bigger, the leaf will spread out, so it also will need more space.

Another reason I like working at the farm is because I like to work outside. I think working outside is fun because I get to see the light. When I see the light, I feel bright, and I also get to see the trees, and other things as well.

Lastly, I like working at the farm because I like getting myself dirty and I like to play with dirt. Last week, my co-worker and I had to dig three holes, then we planted three blueberry bushes in the holes. We got dirty digging those holes. I also get dirty when I weed at the farm, because while I am weeding I sit on the dirt.

I like working at the farm because it is a fun job. I like this job because it gives me more opportunities to learn new things.

I hope to work at the farm again next summer.

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