My First Job

By Ingabire Adam

It was Monday morning, I woke up early because I knew that I was going to start my summer job. I was surprised when I had first seen my first job. I thought all this organization does is sell and farm, but I was wrong. It does a lot of stuff and most of what they do is to help people. Some of the things this organization does is provide jobs, farming, selling crops, as well as educating teens.
As I said, I was surprised, but what I didn’t say is that I was shy too. I met a lot of new people, so I was afraid to speak up, but the good thing is that as the days are passing and I got to know these people here at MAP.

MAP is beginning to change my life because they tell us how food and our health matters. At first I didn’t like to eat vegetables, but now I am starting to, which is good.

MAP relates to some things that interest me, but mostly it relates to my education. The reason it does is because here at MAP they don’t just teach people how to deal with farms or food, but they also have some lessons on marketing and communication which is an improvement to me.

I enjoy every minute of being here.

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Waylon Grimm said...

You are surely learning a lot of things from your work, Bekah, and that's a good thing. Seems like you gained a lot of wonderful experience with first job and the company you landed on! I'm glad that you're enjoying there. Just always do your best!

Waylon Grimm @ All Force Labour Solutions