Trench Dodgeball, Vegetables, and a Farmstand

By Eh Soe

My name is Eh Soe, I’m a student at Riverside High School and next school year I will be a senior.  During this summer, I am working at MAP (Massachusetts Avenue Project). My sister worked here before me, we went to BETC (Buffalo Employment Training Center) together so that I can work at MAP.
I’ve met so many friends and they are good people. The staff are very nice, we laugh, we joke, and work together. I think that I’ll be doing things that will help me out for my future. I’ve learned so much already about the real world out there. I learned about the different types of fruits and vegetables, as well as how and when to grow them.

MAP is a non-profit organization. We help out the community by having a farmstand in front of our farm. Everyone can stop by at any time during the day that we’re open.

MAP is a safe and fun place to work at. The mission of MAP and what we do is important for Buffalo and for the youth in the community. MAP provides jobs for the youth and provides fresh affordable food for local people. There are many people that don’t have the money, transportation, or time to go buy fresh food.

I like how everyone at MAP treats each other with respect. We learned a lot about each other; we talked about where we're from, what languages we speak, and our cultures.

One of the days when I had the most fun working at MAP, was a day we played a game that is almost like dodge ball, but it was called “Trench Dodgeball”. I was the last person left in the game and all of my team-mates were out, I tried to get them back in, but I couldn’t so we lost the game. I had so much fun playing it.

I don’t know how MAP can change my life yet, but it has taught me about our community and skills that I’ll need later on. We practiced one skill through a game called "elevator pitch", we will need it in the real world to be professional about how we talk to people and what to do in those situations. While working at MAP a lesson that I’ve learned about myself is that I’m eating foods that are unhealthy, so I’m supposed to eat fruits and vegetables more. This might be important because I worry about my health. Being healthy is important to everyone.

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