Writing the Young Philanthropists Grant

 By Eh Soe and Messiah

During this winter the Farm & Garden group at MAP applied for the Young Philanthropist Grant. We needed  money to help us buy tools and a shed for our garden. We worked with our co-workers/friends to write the grant.

Not only did we write a grant, we also gave a brief speech to the Young Philanthropists at the Buffalo History Museum to say why we needed the grant money. We all shared a reason on how working at the farm and garden changed us in positive ways.
"I think we did really well on this, because we practiced it so many times. I wasn’t nervous as I thought I would be." Eh Soe

Last week the Farm & Garden group was awarded a grant from the Young Philanthropists! We will use the money to buy tools and materials for our garden.  
“Writing this grant made me feel good about writing. I feel like writing is a great way of expressing why you deserve or are most definitely in need of something. The presentation made me a little nervous because I’m better at writing than speaking.” Messiah 

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