Public speaking practice with Aunt Lorna Hill

By Eh Soe

Recently, we practiced our public speaking skills with Aunt Lorna Hill from Ujima Theater Company. She gave us her rules to do well on a presentation. The rules she gave us were:

  1. love your audience 
  2. warm up by moving your body for a minute 
  3. only drink water, nothing else, before speaking

 Everyone had to pick a card with the description of a plant on it. Then we had to present our plant to the group. The card I had was a rose, but I forgot the name of it. After presenting we got feedback on what we did well on and what we needed to improve on.

The second time we presented our plant we had to do it without looking at the card. I couldn’t remember everything on the card, so I just said a little of what I had memorized. Aunt Lorna told us if you don’t know what to say next, just look at the audience and smile so you have a little time to remember what to say. Practicing our public speaking is important because we need to use this skill sometime in our life time. 

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