First volunteer day on the farm

This weekend the Farm & Garden group of Growing Green met on Saturday morning to tackle some tough tasks on MAP's urban farm. 

Task #1: Finish moving gravel into the greenhouse.

Remember the large pile of gravel from a few weeks ago? It's much smaller now! The Farm & Garden group added 40 more loads of gravel to increase the amount of growing space in the aquaponics greenhouse.

Task #2: Remove old railroad ties from the fence line.

The second major job we did on Saturday also involved lots of muscle power. A pile of rotting railroad ties was threatening to knockdown part of the farm fence. Not any more! Piece by piece we carefully moved them to a safer spot. 

Task #3: Clear plants off the greenhouse walls. 

The third job of the day was nice and easy since we were all tired out from lifting gravel and logs. We removed bindweed and mint - two of the most aggressive weeds on MAP's farm - from the perimeter of the greenhouse.

Would you like to volunteer on the farm? 

Volunteer days are every Saturday in April from 10 am - 12 pm, rain or shine. If you're interested, contact Kate [at] mass-ave.org.

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