How to read a seed packet

Hi my name is Mohamud. We’ve done a lot this winter in the Farm & Garden group. I’m going to tell you what I’ve learned as a member.

 We’ve learned how to read seed packets. First, the seed packet should show you the name of the crop and a picture of it. If it never showed you any of those, it would be twice as hard to find out what kinds of seeds were in the seed packet.

I learned some terms such as germination rate. The germination rate is a percentage, which indicates the amount of seeds that will sprout.

I’ve also learned what the lot number is. The lot number tells you where your seed came from. If you buy some seeds and you open the bag to see something that you aren’t supposed to see, that’s where the lot number comes in. That way you can contact the company who sold you those seeds and talk to them about it.

When growing a garden you absolutely must know how to plant your crops. You have to know things like whether the crop is transplanted or direct seeded. Transplant means that you plant the seed inside first then you plant it outside once it is ready to be planted outside (it will tell you on the seed packet). Direct seed means that you just plant the seed directly into the ground outside. This is important because if you don’t know how or when to plant your crop its quite unfortunate, but they will not grow.

I look forward to planting more seeds to make our garden more beautiful. That’ll be it for now; we will update you on more information in a little bit.

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