Mud Pies and Railroad Ties

I’m Sam and I work in the Farm & Garden group. This winter has been full of garden planning and staying indoors. Since the weather hasn’t agreed with us, we haven’t been able to be productive outdoors. But now with the sun shining more and the snow gone we’re outside doing something new every Saturday.

On March 19th all of us Growing Green youth worked together to haul 53 wheelbarrows of gravel into the greenhouse to start filling in the old aquaponics pond. That amounted to filling just shy of half the hole. On March 26th, the Farm & Garden gang kept working on this project – working twice as hard in twice the mud. We moved 40 more wheelbarrows full of gravel, leaving about ¼ of the hole left to fill.

We finished filling the hole on April 2nd with the help of Canisius volunteers! That was a fun day. They were all super nice and surprisingly willing to haul barrel after barrel of gravel with smiles.

Gravel wasn’t the only thing we moved in March, we also moved heavy railroad ties. 4 -5 years ago MAP’s farm used a ton of railroad ties to build raised beds. A wall of old ties was leaned against a fence; out of sight, out of mind – UNTIL NOW. 5 years and hundreds of pounds of rotting logs was about to tip over the fence. We carefully moved 2/3 of that pile one at a time. The day was a doozy. It was so muddy Ben (who works with me) had a boot that doubled in size just from the mud caked on it !

With these tasks done we’re planning to clear fields for planting, I’m looking forward to it!

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