On wednesday jan 13th 2010 Haitian citizens gathered bodies from the streets of their Capital city after a huge Earthquake that destroyed most of the homes, hospitals, schools,and whole neighborhoods. Local people made a parking lot of a hotel into a hospital, where people who were still alive were taken to get medical care.THE Earthquake killed tens of thousands and is the largest natural disasters to happen in Haiti in over 100 years. We hope this quake helps to bring people together around Haiti. Their country has been impoverished for a long time and we talked in the business group about how help is getting to haitians and whether all the money that is donated will be for the Haitians or for corporations to take advantage and make money off a tragedy. Well if you can please find a way to help. Make a basket of basic care items, canned food, have a fundraiser for a worthy organization, donate blood talk to others about what they can do.

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