Hi Everyone this is Abdi Sheikh and I wanted to tell people about the terrible earthquake in Haiti and what Growing Green is going to do to help relief people there.
In Haiti a massive earthquake hit in Monday afternoon.the earthquake destroyed almost everything in the city.50thousands killed most suffered from major injuries. The presidents white house was also destroyed .Some people are still under the falling buildings.People from all around the world are trying to help the suffering once . The united states has sent many and many people to help,the unites states army and many more.People also donated millions of many.Some people don't even have food to eat, they have no houses not even shelter to live .This earthquake destroyed a lot of stuff in Haiti .recuse are trying to do everything they can to help the once that are under the building .About 1500 American live in Haiti but now they are refusing to live there because of what has happen in Haiti.
One thing that we need to do is that we will try to find some money so we can donate to the starving once and clothing or food .we will try to get help from people that live in the western new york area. So please friends and families try to help with what ever u can do or have to offer.

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