STeps TO Greatness

hey everybody its natasha & jordan ....
today we learned a lot all thanks to one
of our own Growing GReen Business youth, Ashely.today she taught us
about the Scheduled Process for our products
and we had kitchen orientation. The scheduled process is the process that food business owners need to go through to make sure their products are safe, clean and made properly for the public to buy and eat. we learned cleaning and prep skills for a commercial kitchen, which means you can make food and it has been approved by the county health department and by NYS and federal standards of cleanliness and equipment. we have learned that our products be analysed by a food processing authority like Cornell Coop Ext NYS Small Food Ventures Center in Geneva NY. We would mail them a sample and a description of the ingredientas and houw we make our product and they would test it and let us know if it passes all the necessary tests for sale. We learned about danger zones for parishable foods & that it must be either cooler than 40 degrees farienhieht and hotter than 140 degrees farienhieht. well Tuesday we will do recipe dev and learn more about food safety. see u all again soon.thanks. bYE

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