Hi my name is Robert Moses and I am apart of the business group at Growing Green. We have recently been doing research on how to help address global warming through green technology. The things we have today we still want them but need to find ways to produce them that don't hurt the environment as much. One of these products is the Nissan Leaf. The Nissan leaf is the first mass- produced full used battery electric car from Nissan. Driving a car like the Nissan leaf helps prevent pollution to the environment because it does not depend on gasoline which is derived from a non renewable resource. Also because it runs on electricity so we can use solar, wind , or hydro power to run them. The Nissan leaf is supposed to come out in 2011. The estimated price for it is around $32,780. I think that its expensive I definitely can't afford that but hopefully like cell phones or computers they will be more affordable as time goes on.

The Chevrolet Volt is also propelled by electricity and you can plug it into the wall or there is a special garage charger to recharge it. This is the first Chevrolet you can plug into the wall. The cost for the Volt is roughly around $41,000. Once again something that I can afford lol. The lithium ion battery pack costs by its self costs half the price of a new 2011 Chevy cruze car. I honestly think that people with money are going to be able to buy them but if they don't know about these type of cars then they won't buy them. It's up to the companies and people who know about these products to tell people about them and figure out ways to make it affordable for people who aren't rich. OK that's all I have for today Ill be back another day.

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