Hello Bloggers If you haven't read my Co-worker Abdi's blog here are some cool facts about Bill McKibben and ways to fight global warming. First off he organizes political actions on how you can help the climate crisis. Like you probably already read Bill has challenged the countries that pollute the most. Sadly enough America we, Yes we POLLUTE TO MUCH! But we are not alone in this crime. He has also challenged China and India too! He wants The Colleges and University's to participate in want he is calling "The Great Power Race"! Doesn't that sound fun? It's a great way to get our countries moving and our Governments focus on our survival. On his web Site you can put in your ideas on how we can STOP polluting. Here are a couple a ways you might already know but are important to DO!:
  1. Car pool
  2. try to STOP smoking
  3. Use PUBLIC transportation
  4. DON'T buy fruits or veggies that are sprayed with TOXIC chemicals AKA pesticides
  5. and last but definitely not the least PLANT trees, plants, flowers and crops, grow your own food!

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