Meet Fatuma!

When I get told to write about myself I automatically stop in my tracks and forget alllll about myself. Well basics I guess my name is Fatuma. I am 16, I go to Hutch Tech and I’m a junior. I’ve been at MAP for a summer and I really enjoyed it, and am a current MAP Youth employee. I never thought I could. Like weeding when you’re stressed is so soothing for some reason. Anyways I’m a very determined person, caring, and obnoxious sometimes. I love making others happy that’s why I’m looking forward to studying psychology after high school. If that doesn’t work out. I want to open my own little shop for hair, makeup, and nails. Which I love doing. I’m great at. I can sit all day doing my makeup and hair if I could. Only reason why I started doing this on my own is because I often had my hair did way to tight or my hairdresser would trim my hair for no reason at all. With my makeup I was always told I don’t know what I’m doing. That negativity is what kept me pushing and kept me going.

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