A Day In the Life of Mobile Market Specialists

A Day In the Life of Mobile Market Specialists
By Dakota P & Win T
Dakota's Reflections
My specialist position this summer was on the Mobile Market. What I do involved moving around most of the time. We count the cash box, drive around to the stop for our mobile market, and set up displays of different kinds of produce. I would tell the new youth what we do on the mobile market, and what the whole point of it is. My role is important because it helps people who don’t have healthy food access, and who can't afford high-end expensive food. This role influenced me by showing me that everyone needs access and more healthy stores by them.

Communication is a struggle I had to overcome. I’m usually very shy when talking to people so it was hard opening up more to people. I have learned you have to communicate to get somewhere in life. My favorite moment is every moment. When we help each other, when we laugh, talk, joke around together - those are my favorite moments. Seeing customers happy with what they’re getting makes me happy too.

Win's Reflections
My specialist position is on the mobile market. In the morning, I help load the truck
with the days produce and then drive out to the site. Our sites are very diverse and community friendly.
Once we get to the site, we unload the tables, tent, produce, and start to set up. Then we have the market,
where I attend to customers, which is fun but nerve wracking. Although, I’ve gotten the hang of selling to customers, I don’t think I’ll get used to meeting new people. After the market, we pack up and do inventory and calculate how we did financially.

This position is important to me because I get to help out communities in need. It makes me feel like I have a special role in the world. I have learned that some people actually do care what they’re consuming and want to eat “real” food. This has helped me for my future, because I might want to start a business someday and working on the market showed me pricing and the other logistics. I enjoy working on the market and I look forward to more.

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