I Am Like the Tree

I am like the tree
By Lay Dia 

I am like the tree, big tall and green
I need nourishment to survive each day
and to push through.
Trees need water, sunlight, and their
food to help them grow each day to
become the brightest they can be.
for my physical appearance and growth but also
nourishments for my mind, my spirit, and my soul.
I need love, friends, and families. I need
a  protector, a hope, the light. I am growing
new each day with the help of all. But mostly,
I became the person I am because of my faith and
the love Jesus had for me. I eat each day to survive,
my skin stretch, my bones get taller, and i become
more mature. Just like a tree it has a stopping point,
and that's the end of my life. I thank all who is
part of my life and [look forward to] the day I reunite with

I am a tree tall and green and I have lived a great life.

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