Meet Nina!

My name is Nina. I was born in the Congo and went to Kenya because of the war.
I finally came to the United States in 2014. When I arrived in the U.S., it looked different from everything I ever saw; the tall buildings, the people, and the food. I’ve been here for three years. I got involved with MAP when I started seeing my sister going to these cool events and saving money. I asked her how I could get a job too, and she said I have to be fourteen in order to work. Working at MAP was my goal. I turned fourteen and now this is my first year working at MAP. I love going to the speaker series and other field trips because I get to know more about what people are trying to do to help the community and also influence the world.

I’m a freshman at McKinley High School and I really enjoy going to school and working after school. I have good grades and I often finish my work at school. I want to be able to finish high school because my parents never got to graduate. After I graduate, I want to go to University at Buffalo and study medicines because I really want to feel like I impact someone’s life. I love jumping rope when I am not at school or working. I always feel like I am flying when I jump rope. Getting my education is the most important thing in the world because I feel like without education I have nothing. Having an education could give me more opportunities and will help me make money. When I earn money, I love to keep it for something special like buying my favorite snack. I love eating a donut.

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