Soliegh visits L+J Maple at the Elmwood Bidwell Market

During our visit to the [Elmwood] Bidwell Farmers Market, me and my partner interviewed the man at the stand for L & J Maple. His name was Jim and he and his wife, Linda, are the owners and workers for their maple syrup business. They own 260 acres of maple trees, each of which has about 10 trees. They collect the sap every day, and boil it down in their sugar shack. On average, it takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. They sell maple syrup in many different amounts, ranging from 1 pint to 1 gallon. They also sell maple candy, which is just sugar and maple syrup, pressed into maple leaf-shaped molds. they sell them on a table and have their other products on display in different types of glass jugs. I'm not sure about the particulars of how they produce their products since maple syrup production is pretty straight forward method that you can't make a lot of changes to and decisions on.

L & J Maple Farm is located in Alleghany County at 11593 Lapp Road, Fillmore, NY 14735. Their products are available exclusively at the Bidwell Market, on a seasonal basis.

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