Meet Win!

My name is Win and I was born in a little village in Thailand. I came to the United States when I was about two years old and I have stayed for almost 13 years with my family. I started working with MAP in 2016 so it has been almost three years. I initially started my work with MAP because I needed money but stayed because of what I learned. My favorite thing about working with MAP is learning. I love learning about the problems in the world and the solutions to them. As much as I like working at MAP, there are few things that I dread. The thing I like least about working at MAP is farming on a summer day and sitting in a long boring meeting. High school is hard but it's even harder with a job and being only 15, the biggest challenge/issue with that is time management. I go to Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts. I am a sophomore there and I cannot wait to get out of there. The goal is to graduate as a junior and get a head start on my nursing career. That's the most important thing to me at the moment.

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