Meet Thaint!

Hi, my name is Thaint and I am 16 years old. I’ve been in the United States for about 13 years now. Buffalo has been the first city for my family and probably the last for them, but not for me. My biggest goal is to definitely travel, whether it’s a million places or one.

I’m from Burma, well, the border between Burma and Thailand. My parents came here mostly to live a better life.

I’ve been at MAP for the last four years. To be honest, I first came for money, and I ended up staying for the staff and friends. I go to Hutch-Tech and have been there for three years. With the money I earn, I save for traveling purposes.

My favorite vegetable is spinach and kale right now. My favorite part of the food system is distribution.

When I was a kid, me and my family would sit around and make food and just chat over food. Lastly, my goal is to be happy and travel.

The most important thing in the world right now is togetherness. Working at MAP helps me get together with people from different cultures and collaborate.

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