Meet Adian!

Hello! My name is Adian. I am a freshman at Tapestry, and I am 15 years old. I live in Buffalo currently. I have worked at MAP for a year now.

The year I graduate I will plan out my future, starting with college. My goal in life is to be an engineer.

I have been happy to work at MAP because MAP gives teens a job that is great and we learn about food justice issues and the food system. We learned about climate change and we also went on tours to Ole’s Farm.

The goals after college are to get a steady job and help out by showing and informing people not to eat unhealthy things, but instead to eat something healthy like salad or carrots. As I said, engineering will be my goal if the steady job doesn’t go right. So in order for me to achieve my goals I will help by telling people to eat less unhealthy foods. I can also achieve my goal by finishing my education up and getting a degree in mathematical engineering.

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