'Youth vs Climate Change' a workshop at NESAWG

By Amida A

When I went to NESAWG this year I hosted a workshop session. My workshop was called 'Youth vs. Climate Change.' I wanted to learn what others thought of climate change and if they believed in it. One thing that I learned that that most people are aware that climate change is real. I felt so passionate hosting my workshop at NESAWG because I felt like I was contributing to the climate change movement by spreading awareness with others.

I had my co-workers Lucy and Birch who talked about different topics regarding climate change. Lucy talked about climate justice which is a term used to frame the issue as an ethical and political issue rather than one that is purely environmental or physical. Lucy talked about how climate change is affected our environment and how we are currently facing weather tragedies because of climate change. Birch brought up the food part of climate change. She talked about how the food we eat is being affected and how much pollution we are releasing though our food production.

My workshop was a success and something I was glad to have accomplished. The turn out of people was more than I accepted, which was good. I am so proud of myself for making a step about fighting for climate change, and for the NESAWG conference for giving people the opportunity to come together.

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