Three memorable things at NESAWG

Photo by Birch K

By Thaint T

In November I went to Baltimore, MD for NESAWG. I was super excited to go!

The first thing memorable to me was getting on a plane. I was on a plane when I first came to the US, but since I was so little I don't remember it. This time was scary, but hey, I can finally say that I've been on a plane.

The second thing that was memorable to me was seeing Baltimore. It was great. There were some pretty scenes on the train ride. And the Baltimore train when up off the ground.

The last thing was when I learned that slavery was still alive under 'punishment/jail' in the 13th amendment. I was surprised because I thought slavery was abolished. That's what my teacher told me - nothing else. I learned about jail life in MAP before, but not that inmates are 'paid' 10 cents a day. I don't know whose spirit can survive with 10 cents a day. Learning about that really shook me. In my opinion, the government should put money for programs and such for inmates when they come out of prison if they want the 'crime rate' to decrease.

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