Meet Aye!

Photo by Birch K
Hello, my name is Aye and I started working at MAP this October. I was born in a refugee camp on the boarder between the Karen state and Thailand. In middle school I took violin lessons. I enjoy learning more about others and their background stories. I am a person who will lend you a shoulder to cry on when you're going through a hard time.

One thing I've done at MAP so far is attend the Thanksgiving Potluck. It is hosted by MAP and everyone brings a dish if they can. It is an event that helps bring the community together. We, MAP's employees, host the event in order to bring joy and happiness to the community. How did we do this? By inviting everyone in MAP's community to get to know our neighbors as well as enjoy each other's food or dishes. Through this event we help connect the community together.

We have a fun activity to do for guests. When they arrive they have to go up to someone who they have never met before and ask them what they're thankful for. By doing this it allows the community to start a connection with each other.

Over all, this is one of the reasons I enjoy working at MAP. MAP takes a role in improving the community. Not just only Buffalo, but the whole world. We took a stand and speak about climate change and how it impacts our environment, and how future generations will be impacted in bad ways. MAP cares about its community and its environment. This is why I am proud to be a part of this organization and enjoy every bit of work I do here at MAP.

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