Looking through diverse eyes

Hello! My name is Isabella and I'm 16 years old. I love to do art and look for different ways to be creative. My favorite fruit is raspberries. I am going to write about a storytelling identity workshop we did at work. It was very intriguing to me.

One work shift I was surprised because my supervisor, Rebekah, told us that we would be learning about our identities and telling stories. She first told us to pick our a shell and share why we picked it. It showed how different we are for the different reasons we chose our shells. We then partnered up with someone we just met and had to give them eye contact for 30 seconds. It was so awkward! It was ok though because we all related by laughing during the eye contact.

Our supervisor then told us to tell our partners a store in our families. We took turns and got two minutes each. Ti was enlightening for me to hear what my partner had to say. When we switched partners, we had to take turns telling stories about love that we've experienced of witnessed. For the remainder of the work shift we read stories out of a book called ' Octavia's Brood' by Adrienne Brown and Walidah Imarisha. The stories relate to social change in a metaphorical way.

I think that work shift has been one of my favorites because I felt closer to my co-workers in learning their backgrounds and traditions. The stories we heard from each toher were also very interesting. I found it cool how the stories in the book also related to social change and had hidden messages in them. I would like to do this again!

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