Interviewing people in our food system

Hello, my name is Adian. I am dedicated and hardworking. I was born and raised in Buffalo. I worked at MAP this summer as a youth employee through the Mayor's summer youth program. I am the next generation.

This fall we were talking to people in person and on the phone about what job they have in the food system. For example: producer, processor, truck driver, or consumer. One lady we interviewed said she's a part of an organization where people in the community can ask to turn an abandoned lot into a space to grow fruits and vegetables.

I honestly enjoyed talking to these people because it was great to hear about what job they have and how they got involved in it. We also discussed with them if they have members in the community helping out. One guy we interviewed said yes, people from the neighborhood help plant, or help with growing the plants and vegetables. So that was good to hear because that means people in the neighborhood could be active in their community. This is why I enjoyed the interviews because everyone has different things they do in their lives.

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