I'm pretty sure people want to know what's going on

Hi, my name is Dakota. Today I'm going to be writing about three things that were memorable to me at NESAWG. It is a conference and it stands for Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group.

One thing that was memorable was going on a plane for the first time. The plane ride was really scary at first, but it was okay. The first plane ride to Baltimore was really jiggly, but the second was much better.

The second thing was going to Washington DC. It took about an hour to get there by train. We walked a lot, and our feet hurt, but it was worth it. There were no blisters or blood, so that's a good sign. What we did is we went to Capitol Hill and talked with congressmen and staff that deal with food systems and agriculture.

The last thing I did was go to workshops. I went to my friend Amida's along with Birch and Lucy. What we did in the workshop was talked with one person that we didn't know about why you are here, what do you want to take out of the workshop and what does climate change mean to you. We also played a game where you would either disagree, or agree with a statement. One statement was 'our teachers teach us about climate change.' A lot of youth went to the 'disagree' side because their teachers don't teach them. I was really shocked because I think that every teacher and every school should teach about climate change because it is important. I'm pretty sure people want to know what's going on.

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