Hearing Terry Tempest Williams

Hi, my name is Nina. I go to Mckinley High School. I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers. I love eating raw carrots. Taking pictures of nature is one of my hobbies.

I'm going to be talking about the Babel speaker Terry Tempest Williams. She was a speaker that influenced me to see how nature is being erased in our generation. Terry Tempest Williams speech showed me that the next generation is not going to be like the last.

The first things that she said was that the dictionary is removing words that describe nature and putting in words like MP3 player and Twitter. This shows how we are depending on technology and loosing our main resources.

I was fascinated with her story about how the bisons were like one strong community. She said one of the old bisons was dead so all the other bisons came and surrounded him. This showed me how not only humans have feelings, but also other species like bisons. We don't need to ignore all the new technology, but also let's not forget about the main resource that we actually depend on. 

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