Bees are good for our community

Hello, my name is Myo. I'm into music, I love music and I play the alto saxophone. I was born in Thailand in the year of 2000. I am a friendly person and I help out a lot. I like helping because I feel good about myself - so it helps me and them. I want to be a police officer when I graduate. It may change, but I want to help the community. I worked at MAP during the summer and am working today. I like working at MAP because it helps the community and brings awareness to things that people aren't aware of like bees and why they should be noticed.

Bees are dying a lot and only a few people notice. Some people just don't care or don't know. Why should we care if bees die? Well, bees are important to us because they pollinate our plants. I'm talking about honey bees, not yellow jackets or wasps because people also call them bees. Wasps and yellow jackets sting and people think all of them are the same so they don't care if bees die. Well, honey bees can only stink once and if they sting you they die. So, honey bees won't bother to sting you unless you bother them. Bees are also good for our community because they make our veggies - like tomatoes and peppers - and our flowers healthy and fresh and strong.

Illustrations by Levi
Healthy plants are good for us because if we eat them we are healthy. Sure, plants need sun and water to grow, but don't forget that they also need to be pollinated. Bees play a major role in pollination. They make honey from our plants, and our plants get pollinated making strong crops. Bees also make honey, so be aware of bees and don't bother them.

I learned these few facts about bees by working at MAP. Now I'm not even afraid of bees and I don't bother them knowing they are good for us. I'm saying that once people know that bees are good for us people won't both the bees. So, spreading awareness helps us and the bees.

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