2017 Youth Garden Review: Our seasonal food calendar

All season we have been adding crops harvested from the youth garden to our seasonal food calendar. The first crop we harvested was spinach at the beginning of May. Thyme and oregano (not pictured!) were the last crops harvested in November just in time for Thanksgiving. That means our growing season is seven months long!

We harvested salad greens, including spinach, lettuce and tokyo bekana, during spring, early summer and early fall. 

We grew lots of green beans this year, and saved enough to plant in next years garden.

We grew 3 varieties of tomatoes this year - yellow cherries, amish paste and a soft, fuzzy type called peach. They were to top harvested crop by weight.

MAP's youth garden has always grown a lot of hot peppers through the years. This year we grew jalapenos, chillis and a few sweet yellow peppers. 

A lot of the kale harvested was from six plants that lasted all season. Early in the season we had big problems with flea beetles that ate little holes in all our brassica crops. To protect our crops we covered new plantings with remay.

Leeks were one of the first crops transplanted in the spring. At the end of the season we harvested 20 pounds of leeks that went home with teens.

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