This week's menu: Feast of Olympus

This week the first summer fruits were ready to harvest from the youth garden. Long yellow peppers, green beans, arugula and fresh basil were all harvested for our weekly summer lunch. These fresh vegetables steered our menu to a Mediterranean and Greek god theme.

 Zeus’s Thunder Chicken Gyros 

Dakota as the main chef behind this delectable dish. She chopped chicken breasts into small pieces and marinaded them in oil, paprika with garlic and oregano from the garden. After a few hours she salted the chicken in a hot pan with oil. The chicken was served with Tzatziki sauce made with dill and cucumber from the youth garden. 

Hermes Hummus 

Hummus was a second protein option so vegetarians, vegans and hummus lovers could have a balanced meal.


Baking is a tricky and difficult task, especially during the middle of July. Maire and Thant took on the challenge. They followed this recipe and made pita bread from scratch to eat with hummus or Tzatiki.

Gaia’s green beans

Gaia is the mother of all Earth. We named our green bean dish after her because bean plants give nitrogen back to the Earth, which helps future plants grow. We sautéed our beans grown in the garden with olive oil, garlic and green onions.

Apollo's Dressing

This week our salad was composed of green and red lettuce, spicy arugula and the last peas of the season. It was dressed with a tangy, summery lemon based dressing.

Athena's Cake

To finished the meal we had lemon and them cake with blueberries. Baker Birch took the lead on this creation. She was careful not to over mix the delicate batter. Once the cakes were cooled, she drenched them in a lemon juice and sugar glaze that tasted just like lemonade.

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