Advocating for the GFPP in Buffalo

By Peter R

Studies show that a nutritious diet during the school day can lead to increased focus and performance in class. The current food climate within the Buffalo Public Schools does not provide the necessary nutrition, nor encourages healthy eating. As a former BPS student, I know first-hand the unappetizing, not-so-fresh fruits and vegetables we were served to meet health requirements.

There is a current initiative in the Buffalo Public Schools called the Buffalo Farm to School initiative, which sources local fresh vegetables in lunched. While this is a step in the right direction, the initiative does not go far enough. A recently developed program, call the Good Food Purchasing Program, is a comprehensive plan to create an entirely new food atmosphere in schools across the country.

The GFPP is slightly more expensive than the current food budget, but the program helps in this regard by subsidizing the first few years of the program (to ease the transition), and having a team available to help further look at finding a better financial plan. In addition, the long-term effects of implementing the GFPP could lead to reduced costs in other areas such as school health and extra academic help programs.

With all of this in consideration, I believe that the GFPP could reshape the Buffalo Public Schools food system for the better.

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