The big day

By Caleb G

It’s finally the big day, we have spent about 5 months preparing for The People’s Food Movement and still I don’t feel completely ready. But I’ve learned in my years of MAP that you are never truly ready for a big event when it comes to planning. My fellow coworkers have all just slapped together a short skit that I honestly can’t wait to see unfold, I’m not saying I want us all to fail; but I am saying I’d liked to see some embarrassed faces. The People’s food movement was a organizer’s lucid dream, all the big heads were there like, the Cornell Cooperative Extension, The UB Food Lab, Grass Roots gardens, ETC. I really important part of this movement is too inform the community on what they could and should be doing to support local food systems so we had mainly important people not only going around but speaking directly to the people on action items they can go home right that moment and do to help aid the food system. I personally was asked to stand up and speak to the community to help explain the youth’s extremely short skirt, it was a challenge because I had not yet prepared a speech and did not plan to do so, a bit from procrastination but mainly I was advised the best speeches come from the heart and cannot be planned.

We were tasked with speaking with the community on what they thought of our presentation boards; which are large posters of multiple actions items in different parts of the food systems that citizens can take, That seemed very interested in the fact that people went through so much trouble to help make it clear and simple to understand.

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