A project called People’s Food Movement

I am Ingabire Adam and I work at Massachusetts Avenue Project. Youth and Staff at MAP came up with a project called People’s Food Movement. It’s purpose was to encourage more people to get involved in advocating for food system change.

In order to get our project done we went through a lot of things. Some of things we did was we had to create a skit, which was about the HYPE kids who advocated to get salad bars in schools and eventually got it.

We went canvassing to inform people about the event and us as MAP youth and the things we do and also invited stakeholders .We created invitation letters etc.

Finally on April 8th is when the event was held at Delavan Grider in a gym. We had chairs and food for the people who came. There were speakers who spoke to us about the importance of healthy food and the advantage of having healthy food sold in Buffalo. We had the walls decorated with charts which had informational facts about food. What I got from the event was that in order to achieve something one has to work for it.

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