Meet Maire!

My name is Maire and here are some things about me. As of this year I am a senior at Leonardo Da Vinci High School and I can't wait to go on to college. I'm Buffalo born and raised. I really love this city and all the amazing things happening here.

I've been working at MAP since the summer of 2016 and wish I had found out about it earlier. I started working at MAP because I was interested in the goal. I wanted to learn more about urban farming and figured this was the place. While working at MAP I have learned how to be more responsible in order to get myself to work on time and on the right days. My favorite part of work is working on the farm and youth garden. Honestly, my least favorite part is when we have meetings because they can get dry.

Even though I enjoy working at MAP I do find it difficult at time to find balance between school and work. Sometimes I'll have work, but also have a lot of homework and tests to study for. So it is difficult to get it all done.  Even though it's slightly difficult I know this is easing me into how life will be in college. After graduating high school I am going to be attending SUNY ESF for Conservation Biology. To keep myself sane, some of my favorite hobbies are bikes and drawing. I enjoy volunteering as a way to give back to the community.

My interest in food justice really started when I started working at MAP because before MAP I wasn't as aware of it. I knew it existed, but didn't think about it as much as I do now. I always connected to food having grown up going to farmers markets with my parents from spring to fall. This job has brought to connection to another level because now I can connect and understand where our food comes from and how important it is.

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