Meet Isabella!

Hi! My name is Isabella Bianca and I'm currently 16 years old. I go to International Prep and I'm a junior there. Originally, I'm from Buffalo, but my family is Puerto Rican and Dominican so I kind of wish I was born in Puerto Rico. Potatoes kind of connect me and my mom together because we both love them with hot sauce.

So far I've been working at MAP  for almost a year - since the summer of 2016. I found out about it from my mom because, Rebekah, one of my supervisors, told her about the job. To me it seemed nice and fun so I started working at MAP and I like it. I've learned planting season for certain fruits and vegetables and how to harvest. I've also practice a bit of speaking in front of a lot of people. My favorite part of working at MAP is working in the garden or farm because I like moving around and doing things. My least favorite part would be facilitating because it's pretty intimidating to keep conversations going, running smoothly and being in charge.

Sometimes it's hard balancing school and work because getting to work on time right after school is hard. After high school I'm kind of hoping to maybe I'll get into Yale and be a person who helps people or have a job that travels. Outside of MAP I usually do lots of art, like pottery or do protests. That's how I give back to the community.

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