Meet Ingabire!

My name is Ingabire Adam. I was born in Congo, and raised in Kenya. By the time I turned 13 years old I moved to the United States. I am a sophomore at Emerson School of Hospitality.

I found out about MAP (also know as Massachusetts Avenue Project, a non-profit organization) in the summer of 2014. Now I've been working here for two years. I originally came here because I wanted a job, and now I realize how much MAP has changed my life.

When I started I was 14 years old. I was so shy and wasn't confident at all. Now that I am 16 years old a lot has changed. I am no longer the girl who wasn't confident and shy like before. The reason why MAP helped me open up was by making me meet different people and interacting with them. Also, we do a lot of public speaking, so I thank MAP for everything. They have helped me to recognize my inner self.

What does MAP do? MAP provides youth education about food and other food related things. My favorite part of my job is that every Monday we have a things called Big Group Meeting. All staff meet and talk about different events and hear from each other. My leaves favorite thing is we don't play games like how we used to in the summer.

The challenge of working and going to school at the same time is trying to balance between the two. What's next for me? I want to finish high school and then go to college and follow my career being a blogger about fashion and media.

What do I do for fun? I go shopping and entertain friends in my house -  they make me laugh. I also like listening to music and singing along. I give back to my community by working at MAP and also sometimes I clean up around my neighborhood.

I am interested in food justice because food is what I eat. Don't forget: you are what you eat! Food is important to me and my family because it brings us together.

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