Climate Change and Agriculture - a game of jeopardy at MAP

My name is Tristan Koch and I am a senior at Ithaca College. I am pursuing my undergraduate in Environmental Studies degree with a minor in Outdoor Pursuits right now. In order to graduate from Ithaca College’s Environmental Studies program there is a mandatory “Cultural Immersion” experience where you work directly with people from a different culture.

I wanted to do my Cultural Immersion experience at MAP because I have a passion for learning about food systems and working with youth. I have worked at summer camps for years, working with kids and teaching outdoor education.  As a white male born and raised in a suburban neighborhood, as soon as I learned about MAP’s organization I knew that I wanted to do my immersion experience with you all. 

During my time working at MAP I was tasked with leading MAP youth in an activity on climate change and agriculture. My research into the subject taught me that animal agriculture is very detrimental to the environment. I learned that a vegan diet is the number one way to reduce green house gases in the atmosphere. This research has inspired me to change my eating habits. 

Meat for $300  
Q:  What is the most environmentally damaging form of meat?
A:  Beef

The activity I prepared for the teenagers was a game of jeopardy involving what my research covered: agriculture’s impact on global warming. While some of the questions were difficult, I think that the game went very well. The lesson promoted teamwork and communication and also taught the teenagers about very important points. I think the only thing that could be improved in this lesson would be making some of the questions slightly less difficult. Besides that I think it went very well.

General for $200
Q: Agriculture is responsible for what percent of global deforestation?
A: 75% 

Final Jeopardy!
 Q:  Why does deforestation - an inevitable consequence of animal agriculture- result in more GHG's being trapped in the atmosphere? 
Do you know the answer to final jeopardy?  

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