Thaint Talks with Weiss Farms at the Market

By Thaint T

The business I profiled is called Weiss Farm. There were three guys standing there and, at first, Dakota and I were scared to go up to them and ask questions. At first, they invited us to ask them questions but I saw that there were other customers. At their stand, they had grapes, eggplant, potatoes, peppers, gourds, acorn squash, apples, there's a lot! You can get their products at their farm stand and also the Lexington Food Co-op.
Image from Weiss Farm's facebook page
They told me the challenges they faced were bugs and weeds.

The workers/farmers there were really friendly. A lady came up to them and the guy greeted them with a, "Hello, ma'am." The products they have were presented so you can see everything, like it's not hidden in a corner.

During asking them questions, the guy cracked jokes and it made me laugh. It felt comfortable and fun.

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