Guess What Buffalo's First Commercial Enterprise Was

By Birch

This weekend, I took a trip to the farmers market. This is my second year interviewing the vendors at the Elmwood Bidwell Markers Market.

Last year, around this time, it was about as cold and consequently there were not as many people or vendors. Most weekends before they went indoors [for the season] there would be three vendors. They'd look up with shining hopeful eyes at a group coming over. We were tasked with crushing any glimmering dream of business under our pleasant little interview questionnaire. I expected this year to be more of the same. I was happily surprised when I got there because there were about nine vendors. I had a great time getting to know a guy from Black Squirrel Distillery. Despite the cold, he was energetic and cheerfully shared his business with a couple of teenagers. When we asked him what his biggest challenge was, he, after answering, told me and Mari what Buffalo's first commercial enterprise was: BOOZE!

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