Farmhouse Construction Week 2: The farm landscape changes

Recognize this view looking into MAP's farm? The sidewalk leading into the farm was previously hiding under a foot of soil. (This explains why it was impossible to install trellis posts into the ground here!)

The farm landscape seems to change daily as the space is prepared for actual construction. During this initial phase of work a priority is protecting the farm's growing spaces and soil. For the most part this means putting up fencing and caution tape around spaces to keep people (and machines!) out. In some spaces we have moved the whole field to protect the soil. The photos above show the Mass-Ave field carefully being piled up so the high quality soil will not be trampled by cranes and trucks.

Eventually, there will be a driveway on the Shield Street side of the farm that will direct storm water into a large cistern. An 18 inch deep trough was dug to prepare for this, and we fenced off fields and trees to keep our growing spaces safe.

It may seem as though the farm is a big muddy mess right now - and that is totally true! Lots of soil has been relocated from the large area that soon will be the driveway to build up other areas of the farm. The photo below shows the area in front of the wash station, which will be a gravel loading area, and how much soil was built up around it.

Remember the big maple tree that had to be cut down? Wood chips from that tree are now spread around the perimeter of our Winter St field. The fine wood chips will breakdown over the winter, adding valuable nutrients and organic matter to our growing space.

The next steps of the construction project will start to put the messy space back together. The last piles of trash will be carted away - the amount of material taken away is mind boggling!), a new fence will be installed around the whole Mass-Ave property, and the building basement will be dug out. So, don't get used to how our farm looks right now, because it will all change before Christmas!

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