One cold afternoon

By Dakota P

It was a cold October afternoon when Isa, Levi, Thaint, Maire, Birch, Sophia and I had a work shift at the downtown library. Here is what we did that day:

First, we read an article on why they were raising the fuel rates, even though some people can't afford it. Then, Sophia and I acted as facilitators for the group. We discussed what climate justice and climate change means, and wrote our ideas down on a big poster sheet. After that, we had Birch be our note taker and Isa be the facilitator on what kind of questions we would ask the community at the January meeting that we are planning.

After that, we walked in front of the National Fuel Building and there were people who were shouting stuff like "this is cruel!" We joined in on the protest chanting "this is unfair!" and "this is cruel for raising the gas bill!"

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