Community Organizing update

By Neena H

This week on Wednesday we facilitated two lessons with the new youth. One was called 'the Active Citizens Race' while the other was called 'Exploring Community Food Issues.' In these lessons youth learned what it means to be an active citizen and how they themselves can become more active in their communities. When talking about food issues in Buffalo, the youth we willing to share some personal anecdotes on how this issue has effected them.

In both large and small groups, youth were engaged and participated in the activities that we led. This willingness and positive attitudes made facilitating them that much easier. We got finished in a timely fashion. However, there is always room for improvement. Participation-wise, I would've like to hear more out of some people. Step-up, step-back could have been beneficial.

This summer the new youth have come up with some creative ideas regarding policy and advocating. Their ideas are precise, measurable and inspiring. For example, one group came up with ideas on ow to expand the mobile market, while another came up with corner stores having their own gardens.

In the coming year I see the Community Organizing group continuing to work on this project. By using the data we've collected and our partner organizations we can make this idea a reality.

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