This week's lunch menu - Secrets of the Mediterranean

Chicken and Watermelon Kabobs 

Peas, Pea Shoots and Mint Salad

Kale Cesar Salad with Quinoa

from the Good and Cheap cookbook

Humus with Pita Chips and Vegetables

from the Good and Cheap cookbook

Secret Chocolate Cake with Secret Frosting

cake from the Simply in Season cookbook and frosting found here

Mint infused water

The clever ABLE team leaders have done it again, and created an inspired meal for the second week in a row. Last Friday's community lunch was Mediterranean themed and cost $4.15 per person to make.

Kale Caesar Salad is made regularly at MAP. We added tomato, red onion and cooked quinoa this time. Kale was grown in our garden, lettuce from Oles Family Farm, onion and tomato from MAP's Mobile Market.

With a food processor hummus is so easy to make and you can add things like hot peppers or olives. We baked slices of pita sprinkled with olive oil and salt to make pita chips to dip in the hummus along with broccoli and sugar snap peas. Broccoli from Oles Family Farm, peas from our garden and Oles.

We added sugar snap peas to the pea and pea shoot salad. The mint makes this simple stir-fry surprisingly delicious. Spring onions and snap peas from Oles Family farm. Pea shoots, peas and mint from our garden.

To make the kabobs, we baked the chicken in marinade first, and then added roasted veggies and fresh watermelon, but the whole kabobs could be put together raw and grilled if you were cooking outside. The watermelon and onion came from MAP's Mobile Market. The summer squash was from Oles Family Farm and herbs were from our garden.

There are two secrets to the Secret Chocolate Cake: beets and sweet potatoes! These two vegetables make this cake so moist and rich. Sweet potatoes make the frosting semi-healthy too. Sweet potatoes from MAP's Mobile Market.

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