Meet a farmer! Sam

Hello, my name is Sam. I am 14 years old. I have been farming for two years

Sustainable farming practices are important to me because I believe all species of animals and plants should thrive on our planet.

My favorite part about being a farmer is showing my 4 year old sister my plants.

My favorite song to listen to on the farm is currently 'Blister in the Sun' or 'No Rain.'

When I'm not farming, I like to read and write.

My favorite things to grow are legumes. My favorite things to eat fruit.

If I could change one this about the food system it would be mandatory crop rotation and banning RoundUp and herbicides.

Something you don't know about me is I am saving up for oil paints.

If I could tell the world one thing about what being a farmer is like I'd say it's extremely rewarding.

Climate change is affecting my garden weather and maybe pollution.

One this I'm doing to protect the environment in our garden is not using chemicals.

I think we need more young people involved in farming because we don't collectively have enough regard for our food system.

One thing I'm doing to create healthy soil in my garden is composting.

The most difficult thing about sustainable farming is that conventional practices could produce healthier food, but they are not.

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