Meet Dillon, an ABLE team leader!

 Hello my name is Dillon Hill.

I have been working at MAP since I was fourteen. I started out as a regular Growing Green youth employee, and I am currently an ABLE Team Leader.

When I was younger I lived next door to Diane, MAP's Executive Director. My brother and I would hang out with her son, Adam. We would play outside and at his house. Diane informed me some time after this, that when I turned fourteen I could start to work in the Mayor Summer Internship Program. I was eleven or twelve at the time and I was interested in having money I could freely spend on things I wanted, like a car or books and music I was interested in. I started working for MAP when I was fourteen and continued until the summer before I went to college. I had worked at MAP for five summers and four school years in total as a MAP Growing Green employee.

After my first year at college I came back in the summer to become an ABLE team leader. I had seen AmeriCorps members since I had started working and I wondered what it would be like to actually lead the youth and be in charge of some of the lessons that were done in the summer. Being on this side of the program lets me actually find out what being a team leader is actually like. I look forward to working with the new youth, playing all the games we have set up, and going camping at the end of the program with most of the staff, all the other ABLE members, and also all the new youth.

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