It goes down in Da Garden

By Messiah 

Our garden calendar shows what plants to plant, when to plant them and what we harvested. We also have colored dots so we won't forget things, like when to transplant or harvest anything. This calendar helps us keep track of a lot!

The parts of the calendar:

  • Crop names - we will have 36 crops growing in our garden.
  • Blue dotted line - in the middle of May this line shows the last frost date of the spring. In October, this line is the first frost date of the fall.
  • Colored dots - 
    • Dark blue - when we planted seeds inside
    • Light blue - when we direct seeded or transplanted plants outside in the garden
    • Red - when we harvested!

Direct seed means to plant directly into the soil outdoors. Transplant means to plant indoors and after a period of time you would take the plants outside and plant the seedling. This gives the plants a head start.

This year, we have harvested: arugula, lettuce, sage, kale, spinach, thyme, cayenne peppers, sweet peppers, cilantro and parsley. By this time in the summer we were planning on harvesting onions, and broccoli. We have not harvested these things yet because it has been not and dry so the plants aren't full grown.

This summer I am looking forwards to harvesting watermelons because, well why not? These are the best days and the perfect weather to sit back, and eat a nice naturally grown watermelon in the sun.

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