Close Up Washington DC Trip

By Khadijah H

These past few weeks I got a chance to many different things. From June 26th to July 1st I was in Washington DC with Close Up. Close Up  Washington DC is a national program open to youths all over the United States that teaches then about our government and gives youths the opportunity to visit different memorials.

On the first day of our trip we took a tour around Georgetown, which is in Washington DC. Then we went back to the hotel to eat dinner. After dinner we spilt into groups, did an icebreaker and learned a little more about DC. Then we went off to sleep at 10pm.
Our second day of the trip we visited a couple of memorials including the Thomas Jefferson, Franklin and Elenor Roosevelt Memorials and Dr. MLK's Memorial. On the third day we visited the 9/11 and Navy Memorial, went to the National Museum and the Native American Museum.

On our forth day, we went to the Capitol to talk to our senate and congressmen about local, state or national issues. My issue was behavior towards and education for immigrants and refugees who work at minimum wage jobs.

Our firth day was when we went to Chinatown and learned about the history there. On the sixth day we packed up because we were going back home.

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